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EioS App, the medical device to alleviate symptoms of exam anxiety

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Nationwide, every 5th person suffers from test anxiety. According to statistics, in 2016 56.1% of the surveyed students in Germany stated that they were nervous before exams. Germany took second place after Italy. Test anxiety often starts several weeks before the exam date. The worry of not succeeding is the most common cause of test anxiety. The anxiety can increase to anxiety and panic attacks or anxiety. The more intense the anxiety disorder, the more difficult it will be to retrieve learned information. The inability to retrieve learned is called Black Out.
However, test anxiety can be helped by a number of other fears, namely:
Logophobia (speech anxiety)
Social phobia
fear of failure
existential angst
panic disorder
With the EioS app, the symptoms of test anxiety that occur before or during school assignments, exams, oral exams, driving school examinations, job interviews, etc., can be relieved and anxiety can be tackled. By allowing self-treatment, users are neither temporally nor physically bound while treating themselves against the symptoms of their exam anxiety. The app guides the user safely through the treatment.
The EioS App is a registered medical device in Germany and approved throughout Europe.
The app can be used from the age of 12; from the age of 9 with the support of parents.
Side effects are unknown.
People who suffer from psychosis or epilepsy must consult a doctor before using the EioS app.
Before the launch, the EioS app was tested for test anxiety. Have participated:
172 children aged 10 - 15 years
275 adolescents and adults aged 16-25 years
73 persons aged 26 - 50 years
336 female persons
184 male persons
were free of test anxiety after the first treatment
were free from test anxiety after the second treatment
had an improvement in symptoms after treatment
were without effect
The EioS app is based on the processes of EioS Therapy. It resembles a therapy session largely as it is done daily in the therapy centers.
The EioS therapy concept was developed from 2009 to 2013. In 2016, a retrospective analysis of over 20,000 treatments was prepared, and in March 2018, the results of a 3-year validated study was published demonstrating the high efficacy and sustainability of EioS Therapy.

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