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EioS app for alleviating symptoms of fear of flying

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Every 4th person suffers from the fear of flying and 15% of those affected completely avoid flying. More than 60% feel uncomfortable before the immediate start of their journey. The so-called aviophobia is the fear of dying in a plane. Therefore, the concern is usually focused on the take-off, the turbulence, the landing and the dangers of humans, which have increased significantly with the events of 11.09.2001 and 24.03.2015.
However, fear of flying can be stimulated by several other fears, namely:
fear of heights
Panic disorder
Fear of loss of control
Fear to use the bathroom
Fear of attacks
With the EioS app, the symptoms of fear of flying can be alleviated and is thus a helpful remedy for anxiety. The ability to self-medicate, the user is neither temporally nor locally bound when he is treated against the symptoms of his fears. The app guides the user safely through the treatment. The focus of the application is the direct treatment of stressful emotions against the triggering events without, however, having to change the memory or the idea of ​the coming experience. The application is tamper-free and does not affect the mindset.
The EioS App is a registered medical device in Germany and approved throughout Europe.
The app can be used from the age of 12; from the age of 9 with the support of parents.
Side effects are unknown.
People who suffer from psychosis or epilepsy must consult a doctor before using the EioS app.
Before the launch, the EioS app was tested against the fear of flying. Have participated:
42 people aged 12 - 17 years
121 people aged 18 - 64 years
43 people over the age of 65 years
119 females
87 males
were free from fear of flying after the first treatment
were free from fear of flying after the second treatment
had significant improvement in symptoms after treatment
had a mild (partially travelable) symptom relief
were without effect
The EioS app is based on the processes of EioS Therapy. It resembles a therapy session largely, as it is done daily in the therapy centers​.
The EioS therapy concept was developed from 2009 to 2013. In 2016, a retrospective analysis of over 20,000 treatments was prepared, and in March 2018, the results of a 3-year validated study was published demonstrating the high efficacy and sustainability of EioS Therapy.

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