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The EioS Therapy App is based on the EioS therapy concept and is a practical application for the self-treatment of specific anxieties and psychological stress. It is a voice-controlled program that enables the user to treat his fears and stress interactively. The app guides the user safely through the application. The program is based on the EioS-Therapy-Concept, which is based on a combination of recognized psychotherapies. The focus here is on the direct treatment of feelings. The guidance through the process corresponds exactly to an EioS therapy session. The EioS Therapy App is dynamic and adapts to the user's ideas. The treatment includes suggestions that cognitively consolidate what has been worked out together. There are no trance- or relaxation-promoting suggestions and it is absolutely manipulation-free. The user remains awake and fully conscious during use.

Side effects, excluding psychoses, are currently not known.

The EioS Therapy App can be used from the age of 12.
Further information about EioS can be found at: www.eios-therapy.com.